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About Abimbola Ogunsanya










Abimbola Ogunsanya is an award winning Nigerian film maker born and living in Lagos.
While making his living as a professional cameraman on films and TV shows (including Nigerian Idol), Abimbola’s true passion is producing short films focusing on the lives of ordinary children and women of Nigeria.
Through his short films, Abimbola provides an insight into the lives of the poor and marginalised in Nigeria. Despite the accolades and awards he has received his documentaries have seldom been provided a public viewing in Nigeria until the release of his most recent film ‘Don’t Walk Away’.
Abimbola was trained by renowned veteran film maker Tunde Kelani. His late father was the Nigerian musician and TV personality Yomyem (Ogunyemi Ogunsanya)

  • Best Documentary at the Goethe Institute supported ‘In-Short Film Festival  2011 for his film ‘Unique Fingers’ – a film about a small drum troop.

  • The film ‘If only’ which profiled the murder by a mob of a 12 year old street child was shortlisted and  featured in the 2011 Aljazeera International Documentary Awards.

  • Best Documentary at the Zuma Film Festival Abuja 2012 for his film I’m talented, which profiled talented children whose talent was in danger of being thwarted by the poverty in which they live.


  • 2013-I’m Talented

  • 2012- Don’t Walk Away: A re-edited version of his film ‘if Only’ which supports a campaign to combat mob justice in Nigeria.

  • 2012 – I’m Talented:  A documentary featuring talented young children whose poverty threatens to stifle their talent.

  • 2010 – If Only

  • 2010 Unique Fingers: A documentary on a small drum troop in Lagos.

  • Silent Scream: short film drama about Female genital mutilation


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