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Nobody knows Samuel’s full name...


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We just know that he was 12 years old – a child who somehow found himself being accused of trying to abduct another child.

Homeless with his family
Despite the situation Samuel is able to explain his story very clearly. He is on the street with his mother and possibly other brothers and sisters. He explains that “my parents quarrelled everyday” and that “my daddy sent us packing”. “My mother took us to our brother’s house...My brother also sent us away because of bed wetting”. Samuel was a homeless child, whose experience had made him, or his brothers/sisters, wet the bed in which they slept.

Begging on the streets of Lagos
Samuel ended up on the Lagos streets begging “My mummy asked us to go begging for money to eat”. He begs to be taken to his “mummy” who he claims is nearby but is likely to be helpless. He shows the mob the fifty Naira note that has been given to him as a beggar.  He pleads “ before God and man I am only a beggar”

Accused of abduction
Samuel is accused of trying to abduct a child. But it should be noted that those who speak out in the mob appear to have no direct knowledge of what happened. When one is asked he says “They said he wanted to kidnap a child at a school with this 50 Naira”. This is the same 50 naira which Samuel had tried to prove he was a beggar. This 50 naira is the only proof that is provided for his killing.

Samuel is murdered by burning. He is ignited once but manages to run away and extinguish the flames. He is then tied up a burnt again. Rubbish is packed around him to ensure the flames take hold. No-one knows what happened to Samuel’s body.



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